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Compugates Sabah Sdn Bhd (“CSSB”) is a system integrator specialist for Green Energy Systems and also the exclusive distributor for Green Products manufactured locally by ETI Tech (M) Sdn Bhd (“ETI”), a wholly-owned subsidiary of ETI Tech Corporation Berhad, a company listed on Main Market of Bursa Malaysia.

Presently, CSSB has completed several projects in Sabah and the media coverage/ announcement for the launching of the few pilot projects can be found at news Announcements.

Besides installation of Green Energy Systems, other Green Products distributed by CSSB includes the Nano Mobile Charger, the Energy Rider Notebook Portable Power Pack, Green GenSet, Green GolfCart and Green Standby Power System.

Nano Mobile Chargers is available in a variety of models and sizes for recharging mobile phones, PDA and other hand held electronic gadgets while the Energy Rider Notebook Portable Power Pack is used for recharging laptops and other portable electronics on the go.

The Green GenSet is a battery-based portable power generator with a 240V AC output which can be recharged by AC means or solar & weighs only 2.2 kg.

The Green GolfCart battery is an environmentally-friendly alternative to the conventional lead-acid battery used to power regular golf carts. A single Green GolfCart battery is able to produce energy equivalent to 4 to 6 lead acid batteries needed to power up a golf cart.

The Green Standby Power System provides uninterrupted power supply for home use when there is a power outage whereas the Green Solar Home Systems is an alternative to grid power supply, diesel generators or solar systems powered by lead acid batteries for villages and schools in the remote areas.

Both the Green Mobile Power Products and Green Solar Powered Systems are using rechargeable Green Batteries manufactured locally by ETI, a homegrown Malaysian company specialising in manufacturing of rechargeable Lithium Polymer batteries. These Green Batteries are more efficient compared to the widely used lead acid batteries. Among the advantages of the Green Batteries are it is 100% maintenance free, has a longer life span, more efficient, more compact and lightweight making it a very cost effective, environmental friendly replacement for the conventional detrimental lead acid batteries.

The key feature of the Green Batteries is that it is environmental friendly and does not contain any toxic materials like lead and sulphuric acid which are widely used in the lead acid batteries which are detrimental to human and the environment.

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