Gaharu Project
Agarwood cultivation program

cpg gaharu Gaharu Project

Gaharu Project in Kuala Kangsar

Compugates Marketing Sdn Bhd (“CMSB”), a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Group ventured into agriculture in year 2010 through their pilot project of Gaharu cultivation in Kuala Kangsar, Perak. 25,000 Gaharu seedlings were planted and the Gaharu plants are thriving.

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About Gaharu/ Agarwood

  • Agarwood is known as “Gaharu” by the Indonesians/ Malaysians and as Chén-xīang (沉香) in Chinese.
  • Formation of agarwood occurs in the trunk and roots of Aquilaria trees that have been infected by a type of fungus. A dark resinous heartwood called the “Gaharu” is formed in result of the infection and is highly valued for its distinctive fragrance used for incense and perfumes.
  • A kilogram of unprocessed “Gaharu” heartwood can fetch as much as RM 10,000 per kilogram. Distilled “Gaharu” essential oil can command up to RM 100,000 per kilogram and the price is expected to rise due to increasing international demand.
  • Leaves of the tree is processed into Gaharu tea and is also highly sought after by the Chinese and Japanese for its many medicinal qualities.
  • In 2004 all Aquilaria species were listed in Appendix II (potentially threatened species) by the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora.
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From left to right : Aquilaria tree, “Gaharu” chips,“Gaharu” in the trunk of infected tree