The journey so far


  • Distributor for  Canon digital cameras


  • Authorized distributor for TMTouch
  • Distributor for Canon printers, scanners and consumables


  • Authorized distributor for Celcom
  • Distributor for Panasonic printers and scanners


  • Distributor for Kodak digital cameras
  • Distributor for Mitsubishi Electric mobile phones and projectors


  • Exclusive national distributor for TMTouch Touch Advance and ‘intm’ recharge cards


  • Exclusive distributor for Canon electronic devices in Singapore
  • Distributor for Kodak digital cameras


  • Distributor for Time STD/IDD prepaid cards
  • Nationwide distributor for Philips LCD monitors


  • Nationwide distributor for Amoi mobile phones
  • COMPUGATES was listed on the Main Board of Bursa Malaysia on 30 December 2005


  • Distributor for Philips mobile phones
  • Established the Compugates Customer Centre
  • Authorized Apple distributor for distribution of Ipod MP3.
  • Established Compugates International Sdn Bhd
  • Appointment of Compugates International as distributor for SIM distribution and Recharge Vouchers in Bangladesh by AKtel


  • Compugates International (Bangladesh) Ltd was incorporated in Bangladesh on 21/1/07.
  • Appointed as Master Dealer for Jaring One Comm Card.
  • Appointment of Compugates Int’l Ltd as Master Franchise for TMIC to set up and operate retails outlets in Cambodia
  • Appointment of Compugates Int’l Ltd as Master Dealer throughout Cambodia for TMIC.
  • Established Compugates International Ltd (Cambodia).


  • Appointment of Compugates Sdn Bhd as distributor of Nano Mobile Charger series by Eti Tech
  • Incorporation of Compugates Development and Mining Sdn Bhd on 18/09/08>
  • Establishment of Classic Distribution Sdn Bhd and appointment as Samsung authorized strategic partner for Printing business in Malaysia
  • Incorporation of PT. Compugates International in Indonesia on 29/05/08


  • Appointed by ETI Tech (M) Sdn Bhd as the distributor for Nano Mobile Charger Series, Portable Power Pack and Green GenSet in Bangladesh, Indonesia, Cambodia, Vietnam, the Philippines and Malaysia with exclusivity for Sabah
  • Established Compugates Perak Sdn Bhd on 6 October 2009 and Compugates Sabah Sdn Bhd on 7 October 2009
  • Appointment of Compugates Development and Mining Sdn Bhd as Sole Distributor for Amavita + Apotheke Central’s Pharmaceutical Products for Malaysia and ASEAN region


  • Opened 1st Gates lifestyle concept store in Berjaya Time Square
  • Ventured into cultivating of Gaharu in Kuala Kangsar, Perak
  • Appointed to manage Air Asia
  • Appointed as sole distributor of Reactorrim products Sabah
  • Completion of 2nd Solar project in Batu Sapi, Sandakan, Sabah
  • Successfully completed and launched 1st solar project in Sumambu, Sabah


  • Announced 1st timber concession project
  • Appoint CSSB as its exclusive distributor for the resale of Green Energy Systems in Sabah


  • Appointed as Authorised Distributor of SONY.
  • Appointed as Authorised Distributor of BROTHER.


  • Appointed as Authorised Distributor of MagicScan
  • Appointed as Authorised Distributor of YES


  • Appointed as Authorised Distributor of Krypto SMS