Compugates is the authorized distributors/Dealer for Sony and HP:


The Company was appointed by Sony as an authorized distributor of digital imagining products in Malaysia in November 2012. For more information of Sony cameras and camcorders, please visit https://www.sony.com.my/


The Company was appointed by Hewlett Packard as an authorized Dealer of printers, scanners, consumables, desktop and laptop products in Malaysia in 2022. For more information of HP products , please visit https://www.hp.com/my-en/home.html



Compugates Development and Mining Sdn Bhd, a wholly owned subsidiary of Compugates Holdings Bhd has entered into a conditional joint venture agreement with Jade Classic Sdn Bhd, to jointly develop a parcel of agriculture land situated in Mukim Dengkil. 

CDMSB and JCSB had received approval from the Sepang Municipal Council on 6 February 2020 for the JVA Development. Phase 1 of the JVA Development commenced with earthworks in April 2021 and entails the development of 418 units of houses, 278 units of Rumah Selangorku, as well as other residential infrastructure.


Compugates Marketing Sdn Bhd (“CMSB”), a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Group ventured into agriculture in year 2010 through their pilot project of Gaharu cultivation in Kuala Kangsar, Perak. 25,000 Gaharu seedlings were planted and the Gaharu plants are thriving.

About Gaharu/ Agarwood

Agarwood is known as “Gaharu” by the Indonesians/ Malaysians and as Chén-xīang (沉香) in Chinese.

Formation of agarwood occurs in the trunk and roots of Aquilaria trees that have been infected by a type of fungus. A dark resinous heartwood called the “Gaharu” is formed in result of the infection and is highly valued for its distinctive fragrance used for incense and perfumes.

A kilogram of unprocessed “Gaharu” heartwood can fetch as much as RM 10,000 per kilogram. Distilled “Gaharu” essential oil can command up to RM 100,000 per kilogram and the price is expected to rise due to increasing international demand.

Leaves of the tree is processed into Gaharu tea and is also highly sought after by the Chinese and Japanese for its many medicinal qualities.

In 2004 all Aquilaria species were listed in Appendix II (potentially threatened species) by the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora.


Agarwood or Oud in Arabic is a dark, fragrant resinous wood. The Agarwood tree (genus Aquilaria) grows predominantly in South East Asia. Its origins are inauspicious but when a healthy Aquilaria tree becomes infected with mold, the tree produces a dark aromatic resin. This dark resin is known as oud (aka ‘Liquid Gold’). It is known that lesser than 2% of Agarwood tree produce this resin making oud one of the most expensive fragrance in the world. Experts think true oud only comes from the oldest trees making it a rare commodity.


Treesure Gaharu Tea is a unique blend of Gaharu leaves and heartwood from the Gaharu trees planted in our very own plantation. Handpicked by our experts, only the best and finest leaves and heartwood are selected for the crafting of this tea.

This premium blend of tea concocted by our experts will stir your senses while providing you with various health benefits Using 100% pure Gaharu, the natural benefits of consuming Gaharu tea can naturally be extracted and preserved using our sensational tea making flair. Treesure Gaharu Tea is made without any added additives or preservatives and it is packed individually in a foil package to ensure freshness of the tea leaves.

Regain your balance, awaken your spirit and revitalize your body as you savour this aromatic tea which offers rich organic, deep woody spicy flavour followed by a sweet, warming, clean taste.



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